MPM Customer’s Cookin’!

Emily’s twelve-year-old daughter made Valente Lemon Pepper Fettuccine with Danzeisen cream and shrimp!
Laurie’s Burrata and Basil Caprese with Balsalmic Reduction
Pizza with Vesper Brothers Pizza sauce and Master’s Hand Jalapeño Summer Sausage and sliced jalapeno
Michelle made Peach Bread with the Snow White Peaches we had!
Harold’s Meatballs in Vesper Brother’s Marinara
Simmon’s Family homemade ice cream with Danzeisen cream!
George’s Crepes with Danzeisen cream and Jones Dairy Sausage!
Linda’s Spaghetti with Vesper Brothers Arrabbiata and fresh basil!
Carol’s copycat PF Chang lettuce wraps using our Butter lettuce!