Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

I made cream cheese. From scratch. And dang! It was beyond good.

Why did I make cream cheese? Because nearly all commercially produced cream cheese is loaded with carrageenan and gums that don’t sit well with me and I really really wanted cream cheese. I love cream cheese.

To make this, I bought a culture from Cultures for Health, used 2 cups Danzeisen whole milk and 2 cups Danzeisen cream. You’ve heard me say it before, but the reason we picked up Danzeisen was because of their gum-free cream, something you can’t find in our local grocery stores. Danzeisen cream is JUST CREAM. 24 hours after culturing the cream I had the most awesome cream cheese—which meant I could make one of my favorite dishes, one I’ve had in my repertoire longer than I’ve had Brian.

Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

Saturday night we roasted one of the MPM’s new Mary’s Organic Chickens.

Normally we’d do this in an oven, but our super cool temporary thrift store oven from the 70s decided to conk out—which is okay. Its demise will push us to finally build our real kitchen, starting with getting a gas line. More on that another time.

From our roasted Mary’s Organic Chicken, we had dinner on Saturday, made three quart jars of overnight broth, and had plenty of leftover meat to make cream cheese chicken enchiladas.

How to Make Them

Part one: The filling

  • Chop up one Poblano pepper and one jalapeño and pan sauté in ghee or avocado oil or whatever oil floats your boat. (If I would have had a sweet onion, I would have sautéed that first and then added the peppers. But I didn’t have one.)
  • Chop up leftover chicken add to the pan once the peppers are soft
  • Add 4 oz or so of cream cheese
  • Then stir in our Flatiron Hatch Chile pepper flakes, chili powder, salt, and pepper into that creamy-meat-mash.

Part Two: Roll ‘em up

  • Melt some ghee or oil of choice in a pan. Dip corn tortilla in oil (we used Brian’s homemade corn tortillas…. my FAVORITE)
  • Spoon some filling onto the tortilla
  • Add some cheese (we used our Eichten’s Cranberry Chipotle cheese!)
  • Roll up and put in pan
  • Once pan is loaded with awesome enchiladas, sprinkle with more cheese and—the best part—pour Danzeisen heavy cream over the top. Oh yeah…

Part Three: Cook

If I’d had a working oven, I would have stuck them in a preheated 350 oven for 20 minutes. Instead, I used my air fryer (which I forgot cooks faster).

To make crispy cream cheese enchiladas (as I did) simply run to your guitar near the end of cook time to play along to your favorite song on Pandora, totally forgetting about said enchiladas and crispifying the cheese on top. We’ll just pretend this color was totally intentional.

Still. They tasted AWESOME. Especially topped with guacamole.

So there it is… Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas.

Happy cooking!

Ingredient links from the MPM!

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