Arancini made with Leftover Risotto and Pesto

Normally, Brian and I don’t eat breakfast, but with the beautiful snow out our window, we both wanted to tuck into some tasty food.

The view from our side window.

On a recent cooking show I watched an Italian chef make Arancini—fried rice balls with mozzarella in the middle. He served them with a Marinara and man they looked delicious!. I’ve also seen them made with riced cauliflower for a lower carb version and also leftover risotto.

This morning, I was in luck.

For dinner last night, we tested the Tiberino Lemon Risotto from the Merc with our new Pacific Organic Chicken Stock. Totally delicious.

Leftovers for Breakfast

In the fridge we had everything to make Arancini for breakfast: leftover risotto, fresh mozzarella, GF quinoa crisp bread crackers to use for bread crumbs, leftover spinach walnut pesto, and Coffee Pot Farms eggs (all Merc items, btw!).

Making the Arancini

I didn’t follow a recipe, simply took a palmful of the leftover risotto, tucked a piece of fresh mozzarella inside, and made a ball. Then I took that ball and dunked it in whisked egg followed by the breadcrumbs. Instead of deep frying, I rolled them in a bit of olive oil and stuck them in my Air Fryer for 15 minutes on 370 degrees. They came out PERFECT. I’m guessing they would also oven bake fine, or you could fry on the stovetop in some oil.

We paired the Arancini with an over-medium Coffee Pot Farm egg and topped both with leftover over spinach-walnut pesto. Of course, we had Joshua Tree coffee with Danzeisen cream on the side. This was an outstanding breakfast, beautiful and very tasty.

The Spinach Walnut Pesto

Wait a minute you ask… spinach walnut pesto? Isn’t pesto made with basil and pinenuts? Yup. But you can also make it with spinach and walnuts (or other leafy herbs and nuts)..

Toast up a handful of walnuts until they release that nutty smell. Put them in the food processor and pulse. Add some garlic to taste (we used a splash of garlic olive oil instead). Grab a bunch of Coffee Pot Farms Spinach and add it to the party. Pulse it in the food processor along with grated fresh Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and lemon if you like. Then begin adding the olive oil as you pulse until you get the consistency that feels right to you. Measurements? As I’ve said in the past, we cook by feel, but the basic ratio for pesto is this: 1 part nuts, 2 parts oil, 2 parts grating cheese, 8 parts leaves or herbs.

Good news! Most of the above ingredients are available from the MPM!

Links to the store:

With anything you prepare, modify to your own taste!

That’s what cooking at home is all about.

Questions? Ask in the reply box below!

Until next time…

Happy Cooking!

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